The easiest way to get audience emotional feedback

You want to understand the emotional response to the latest political debate but don’t want the clutter of lots of text, but maybe want a bit more than just yes and no, you can use the SaySo poll tool to gather 12 different emotional responses real-time. Use the SaySo reporting or take live feeds of the data to create your own visualisations.

What Is Your Emotional Opinion?

We’d really appreciate you providing your emotional opinion to a range of campaigns and topics of discussion – from the latest election to sports to some things just for fun. Open our web version of the anonymous input box and watch your real-time emotional response appear for the world to see. Make your emotion count.


The SaySo API allows you to access all of the live data to generate your own visualisations from your campaigns and topics. Whether it’s a live sports event, political debate, conference or festival you can brand and style the data to compliment your communications fitting seamlessly into your digital and TV broadcasts.

How SaySo Works

It couldn’t be easier to get going. Choose your package, set up your campaign and in a number of simple steps your campaign is ready to announce to the world. Whether it’s IOS, Android or web, laptop, tablet or mobile, you can access your SaySo campaign for immediate engagement and reporting. Get real-time analytics or post-event stats, and access to live data streams to create your own data visuals. Understanding real-time emotions has never been so easy.

1. Start

Set up a campaign in a few quick and easy steps

2. Collect Data

Users engage with the content via the app

3. Analyse

View the respondent data to find out their emotional response

4. Live Stream

Users engage with the content via the app


You can share the URLs for people to engage via social networks, online panel providers, or your focus group network. You can also use our online panel that boasts 10 million respondents across 60 territories, and all manageable within the SaySo system.